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Several projects, which we have completed in the field of restoration of historic buildings:

Castle tower (Hausmann Tower), other roofs and towers
Dresden Castle, reconstruction

Reconstruction and alterations in the town library
Pädagogium Niesky

Renovation of the village church roof

Renovation of the bell tower, construction of the village church roof

Repair of cracks, reinforcement of the village church tower

Examples of completed projects in the field of the reconstruction of prefabricated concrete buildings:

Balcony systems (individual buildings and standardized designs) using reinforced concrete, steel, stainless steel, aluminium
e.g. prefabricated reinforced concrete balconies for 11-storey building,
Bautzen, Otto-Nagel-Straße

Aluminium balcony system for 10 and 7-storey buildings
Magdeburg, Am Seeufer

Living room extensions and balconies
Eisleben, Quenstedtstraße

Steel balconies for the renovation of the old town building
Görlitz, Kunnerwitzer Straße